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Privacy Policy

Before submitting any data, please carefully review the privacy policy of Montessori English Academy.

The website form ‘Apply now’ allows potential clients to apply for a place in Montessori English Academy . This data is required to provide the school with sufficient initial information to determine if there is currently a place available for the child.

Through this form, you provide us with information about the child’s full name, her/his sex, data of birth, the name of the current school or nursery, languages spoken at home, reasons for applying, brothers and sisters and their age, any special needs of the child, the parents’ names, their contact email address, their telephone number and the town or city of residence. The data is collected and submitted to Montessori English Academy using Google Forms. New enrolments are stored electronically and in hard-copy by the school’s office for internal use by the school’s administration as well as teachers and teaching assistants. If the child joins the school, contact information of parents and any special needs of the child (medication, allergies) can be displayed in written form in the school’s classroom.

Data provided through the application process for children that have not been accepted to the Montessori English Academy will be stored for up to 36 months in case of re-applications. However, parents can request to delete all data by email to at any time. Data provided through the application process for children that at some point attended the school will be kept indefinitely for administrative purposes.

Yes, I have reviewed and agree on the privacy policy of the Montessori English Academy. I agree that the data submitted will be stored electronically and in hard-copy by the school for internal, administrative purposes. The school will not hand over this data to any external individual or organization for any purpose. Further, I acknowledge that I have the right to ask what information is stored and the right to have all information provided deleted ('right to be forgotten').

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