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Fees Explained

Materials / Registration

The 60 € material and registration fee is paid each academic year. (September– June) We do not prorate this cost for students starting later in the year or leaving midterm.
These prices include notebooks, photocopies, regular creation of new lessons and materials, writing and art supplies, and the purchase and use of all the Montessori and Montessori inspired materials of Montessori English Academy.

Monthly Fee

The monthly fee will be the same for ALL months during the academic year. There will be some months with extra days and others with fewer days and holidays. Monthly payments are due during the first week of each month.

Payments may be made by bank transfer or paid in cash.


You may only recover classes canceled within the same month of the absence. This must be arranged on a case-to-case basis. We will try our best to accommodate and be flexible and fair in recuperating classes, but there are cases where it is not possible for the absence to be recuperated.

Reserve Now

In order to reserve your place, you will need to complete the online enrollment form as well as pay the 60 € enrollment / material fee to the account:IBAN ES72 3159 0080 6228 1172 8829

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